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Thank you to everyone for your lovely feedback from last weeks newsletter, we're so glad they are bringing you joy in this difficult time. We've loved putting them together and finding different projects each week to get stuck into. This week, we share with you our tutorial on how to make a cushion cover. We're going to make an envelope cushion cover, as we haven't got any zips in at the moment. 

You will need:

Tracing paper


Pins/ weights


Set square/ ruler


Fabric shears/ rotary cutter

Over locker

Sewing machine


Firstly, make your pattern. We're making cushion covers for a 20" cushion pad. We're making a cover to the same size, as we love a snuggly fitting cushion. For your front piece, cut a 20" square using a set square or ruler out of your tracing paper. For the two back pieces, cut a pattern 20" wide by 13" tall. 

Iron your fabric out and cut out your pieces using your patterns and a rotary blade or fabric shears. You can pin or weight the pattern in place to stop the fabric shifting. You'll need one front piece and two back pieces.

Over lock or zig zag all of your edges to prevent fraying.

Hem one of the 20" sides of both back panels using a 1.5cm seam allowance. Make sure you press the seam on the reverse of the fabric.

Laying your front piece right side up, sandwich on top both of your back pieces with the right sides down. You should have an overlap where the two back pieces meet. 

Snip the corners at a 45° angle and turn through, poking out the corners.

Iron flat, and pop your cushion pad inside. Mine hasn't arrived yet, so I'll update the blog post when they are in use!

We hope you enjoyed this little DIY project. We'd love to see what you've been up too as well, so drop us a comment or join our Facebook Group here.

The Loom Room x

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