Dye Studio

In our studio we use acid dyes to dye rovings used for felting or spinning and yarn for knitting. Our dye studio custom colours are also supplied to weavers at The Loom Room.


Dye Products

Our products can be found in our online shop or at:
Number 25
25 Bridge Street
KW15 1HR

Dye Workshops

We run regular dye workshops at our Clarty Room every first Saturday of the month where anyone can dye rovings and yarn. Spinners, Knitters and Felters can also create colour blends for custom projects.

If you are interested in trying a session at our dye workshop you can find out more and book online.


Where is the Dye Studio?

Our Dye Studio is located in central Kirkwall.

What is the capacity of the Dye Studio?

We can have up to 5 artists in working at one time.

Can I drop in for a visit?

We would love to take you on a tour if you would like to see the studio. Please contact us to arrange this on (01856) 988 724

As a beginner, can I use the Dye Studio at all?

Our sessions are suitable for total beginners or more experienced dying, so take a look at our upcoming workshops to see what’s coming up this term.