At The Loom | Napkin Project

As a lot of weavers know, you'll often have lots of leftover piece of fabric that you've woven that can often be different shapes, and you're not quite sure what to do with them. We've come up with a napkin project which you can make with any offcuts, or even fabric that you have collected. Even better if they're mismatched! If you don't have any fabric you've woven, how about cutting up an old tablecloth, or seeing if you have any fabric off-cuts?

You will need

Set Square

Rotary cutter or fabric shears

Fabric off-cuts


Sewing machine


To start cut your fabric to size. Our fabric was 12" wide, so we've cut it to 16" long, perfect for folding in half when your napkins are in use. We didn't bother making a pattern and just cut using a rotary cutter and set square.

Iron your hems with a 1.5cm seam allowance. Press the hem to the wrong side so that the hem is tucked underneath the fabric. 

Turn your fabric to the wrong side and sew your hems using a matching colour thread.

Press your napkins and they're ready to use!


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