At The Loom | Our Sample Library

This week, we've been developing our sample library. Over the past few weeks, we've been filling holes in our library, so we've been focusing on the twill structure. We've been working on how to manipulate twill weaving in different ways. Changing sequences, using different colours and experimenting with colour and weave effects. Each section of the sampler features a different structure, with different colours used throughout. We're hoping that this collection of samples will inspire you at home, and inspire our students when we're allowed back to the studio.

We always find sampling one of the best ways to learn about different fibres and structures, and record everything in our sample library. That way, if we want to reproduce something similiar, it's easy for us to look back and know what we did. It's so easy to forget sett, yarn and even the sequencing that you used that time. We have made a book of visual samples, and alongside it a template with all of our key information in it. If you'd like a copy of our template, please let us know! The Loom Room x

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