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This week, we've been working on a twill gamp. A gamp is a warp with each section having a different threading. It means you get so much more information from one warp. Each section could be a fabric in it's own right. Today we've wound a new warp to go on the loom next week. It's been really exciting to investigate twill more, and add lots of new resources for you to our library!

We wanted to chat about how we choose our colours in our warp. As we're making a gamp, we wanted a light base colour, so that the pattern will show up with a dark weft. We love using the colour wheel, so we always start looking by investigating colours relationships to each other. A good resource to start with is Jane Stafford's Design for Weaver's. Take a look here.  

We love split complementary colours. First you need to identify colour oppositions, these are true complements. For example, red is green's true complement. Then you need to look at the colours either side if your true complement. These are orange and pink. So using this theory, I have chosen pink as my base colour, and dark green as my weft colour. I am going to use a dividing colour between each section, and this will be red. You can use the colour wheel in so many different ways, and for us, it helps to take out some of the guess work as to how the colours will weave. Of course, the only way to really tell, is to keep weaving samples!

We hope you enjoyed this insight into how we make our warps. We'd love to know how you approach designing your textiles. Leave us a comment below, or drop us an email at

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