Introduction to Weaving Course


Welcome to our first blog post. We thought we would start off by giving you some more information on our Introduction to Weaving course, as it’s the question we get asked most often! We have some new spaces opening up at the beginning of January, so this is your chance to find out a little bit more information, and to get in touch!

Our Introduction to Loom Weaving course is a six week programme. Each session is four hours long, and in that time you’ll learn to design, warp and weave your own Shetland wool scarf. You can choose which session you’d like you’d come too- either Friday 1:30pm- 5:30pm or Saturday     2pm- 6pm. The course is £120, at £20 per session.


We have a selection of different table looms at the Loom Room, including eight which were sent over from the college. You’ll be able to choose your own loom to suit your needs, and work at it for six weeks whilst you’re completing your project. 

In the first week, we start off by weaving a sampler. This is a weavers toolkit, and has different structures and colours in it, so you can choose which you’d like to carry forward for your own project. 

Week two consists of designing and winding the warp- our favourite week! In this session, you’ll be taught all about how to understand and weave at the correct sett or density for your yarn and project. We’ll also cover colour theory and the importance of planning and calculating your project. You’ll be able to choose your own colour combinations of Sheltand wool, and wind your warp (this is the vertical yarn which make up your fabric)


Over week three and four, we will be beaming the warp, which means we will be getting it wound onto the back of your loom. After this we will be threading the heddles and then finally threading your reed and tying the warp onto the front bream. This all sounds quite confusing, but we will break it down across two sessions, with step by step guidance and assistance. Once you’ve put a warp on a loom once, it becomes easier to do it the next time!

That gives you weeks five and six to weave your project. We’ve woven everything from table runners, to placemats, scarves and even cushion covers. It’s completely up to you what you'd like to weave for your project, but we usually advise that you start with a scarf to make life a little bit easier for yourself, and then move onto a bigger project once you've had the practice. 


When you finish the course and you want to continue to weave, we also offer a loom booking service! You can rent our looms for £20 a week, and come in whenever there’s a technician available. 

If you’d like to book your slot, or you’d like a bit more information, email us at

We look forward to hearing from you!

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