Weekly Weaving Inspiration | Week Six

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Week Six of our Weaving Inspiration Newsletter. We hope you're all well and have found our new weaving techniques helpful to stay creative. We've loved seeing what you've been working on, so keep sending in your pictures and we'd love to keep featuring them over on our blog.


We have also started up our own Loom Room Group on Facebook, where you can share your projects and keep connected during this time of lockdown. To join, follow the link here

This week, we'll be looking at advancing our knowledge of texture in our tapestry weaving. This includes some really exciting, new techniques which we haven't tried before. We'll also be looking at some new work from our members (and of course a new recipe!)

Weaving Inspiration | Advanced Texture

Aside from the knotting that we learnt a few weeks ago, we wanted to have an in depth look at some more complicated techniques which will give you a challenge for this week, Spanish Lace and Knotted Lace. Both of these techniques utilise negative space in weaving. Follow the links to find out more, and don't forget to email us if you have any questions.

Nigella's Store Cupboard Chocolate Marmalade Cake

I know every week we say this cake is better than the last, but we really mean it with this recipe. Chocolate marmalade cake is rich, and gorgeously chocolately. The trick with this recipe is to use the darkest chocolate you have. The bitterer, the better! Find the recipe here.

Weaving Inspiration

Our inspiration this week comes from American textile artist Lenore Tawney (1907-2007) pictured here working on 'Vespers' (1961) See more of her incredible, sculptural work here

At The Loom

At the loom this week includes work by our own Loom Room Group. See what everyone has been up to in isolation via our blog. Featured here is Fidra Sym's beautiful, Orkney inspired tapestry, with lots of texture using rya knots.

Thank you so much for reading. To stay in touch, you can follow along on Instagram and Facebook, or read our blog throughout the week.

Stay creative, stay safe and stay in touch,
The Loom Room x

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